AUGUST 6 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallNot only are you still on a roll from yesterday, but it gets even better this morning! Uranus trines Moon and Sun very early in the morning with a grand fire trine adding serious spark to your writing. By noon, things wind down, and this afternoon you’ll switch your attention to research, plotting or character development. By the end of today, you’ll feel as though you’ve taken your writing project to a whole new level. That’s because you HAVE!

AUGUST 5 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThe Moon leaves emotional Scorpio and enters optimistic Sagittarius today. A morning trine to Jupiter can see us expanding our writing in new, fun ways. Later, a sudden Uranian idea can put a whole new perspective on your work. You can now see how to renew that stodgy old plot. You can write with increasing confidence this evening, right into the wee hours of the morning!

AUGUST 4 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThe Moon trines Venus this morning taking away some of yesterday’s heaviness. We still have Jupiter square Mars, so over-the-top emotions can still occur. It will be difficult to capture these emotions in fully edited prose, so just jot down notes about how they feel. Today, all you may get are fleeting glimpses or half-remembered dreams of unknown feeling states. History writers will do the best writing today imagining how ancestral characters must have felt.

AUGUST 3 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallYou can dredge up some passionate material today from an emotional reservoir you didn’t know you had. Writing it down will be challenging, but not impossible. The potential for high tension drama is excellent today with plutonic aspects to a stellium in Leo. Murder mystery or erotica writers could do some powerful work today. Dig deep into your emotions, bring out that dramatic passion, and write it all down today!

AUGUST 2 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallYou’re feeling passionate about your writing today, but can’t really focus on the details. Your fingers will fly across the keyboard, and you’ll pound out truckloads of words. But, even though you could write “War and Peace” today, the mistakes, typos and grammar glitches could be just as numerous. You could also have fun playing with structure with Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio. Overall, it’s a great day to make progress on your writing projects!

AUGUST 1 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallOkay, let’s face it. We don’t wake up in the best mood today. Squares between Jupiter, Mercury and Mars are making us growly. Unfortunately, the afternoon doesn’t get much better (despite the grand water trine). The absolute best we can do today is to be kind to ourselves. If you get some editing done, consider yourself a hero. If you get any actual writing done, you are a SUPERHERO! If you get any GOOD writing done today, you are nothing less than a Master of the Writing Universe!

JULY 31 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallWake up early and get some work done before the social world draws you away from your writing. It’s a good day for building your author’s platform with the Moon in social Libra and Mercury in Cancer. Late tonight, Mercury moves into Leo giving you confidence to write those bold scenes. Instead of blowing your own horn too loudly on social media, use that confidence to write about your more bombastic characters.

JULY 30 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThis morning, your heart is in the details and writing goes well. You are devising a new structure or system for your writing. Around lunch time, a grand water trine has you falling in love with that new system as you see how it can help your writing. But you’re worried it’s a little unorthodox. Don’t worry about doing things old way or the “right” way. Use whatever system works for you. It may even be better than the old ways!