OCTOBER 22 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallWhen the Phoenix wakes up lying in the ashes, it’s rather uncomfortable at first. Then, just before it rises into the air, it must shake off its feathers and preen a little, so the inaugural flight will go off without a hitch. This morning, we’re shaking. This evening we’re preening. And tomorrow is lift-off, with the new Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio flinging us into a wonderful new beginning. Don’t worry. It’s not a surprise. You’ve been preparing for this your whole life.

OCTOBER 21 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallToday is like the calm before the storm. We’ve been in a preparation phase, writing outlines, plotting and thinking about structure. In two days, a New Moon Solar Eclipse at zero degrees of Scorpio plunges us into the depths. For now, though, there’s a bit more preparation to do. We need to get those final details in place before we surge ahead on Thursday evening and Friday.

OCTOBER 20 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallMoon in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio gives you the ability to get to the bottom of any structural details you’ve been working on. It’s been great for novelists lately with Mars sextile Sun/Venus in Libra for the last couple of weeks. This gives us the ability to write actively within a plot outline, making the work more organized. Good aspects with Mars and Pluto remain for another three weeks, with an extra oomph as Mars goes into Capricorn. If we’ve had any plotting problems, they’ll be solved by mid November.

OCTOBER 19 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThis is a great day to edit or work on plotting or outlining. The Moon in Virgo gives us the willingness to pay attention to detail. Harmonious aspects to Saturn and Pluto reinforce our ability to discriminate between what to keep, what to change and what to chop. Anyone dealing with writing contracts will be able to scrutinize the fine print easily today. With Mercury retrograde, it’s a good idea to read everything before signing. This evening, take a break, and pat yourself on the back for being so diligent.

OCTOBER 18 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallEmotionally, we want to leap forward into the drama and write those juicy relationship scenes. But Moon square Saturn in Scorpio urges us to just touch the brakes a little so that we don’t crash into that wall called ‘melodrama’. We can go too far today if we don’t look into our characters’ motivations. Saturn wants structure, so look at where these dramatic scenes are taking you. Are you at risk of falling into a gaping plot hole? Just take a few moments to look at where you are going with your project.

OCTOBER 17 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallAs the Moon approaches its conjunction with Jupiter in Leo, you will be eager to try out your new ideas. It won’t be until after lunch that you are able to see where they fit within the overall writing project. Then it’s as if a firehose opens up and blasts you with exciting new scenes, too many to capture all at once. Just keep writing and don’t worry about the exact words. Grab those big ideas that are pouring out before they drain away. Quickly! Go! Write! Now!

OCTOBER 16 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallAs the Moon enters Leo we feel a dramatic surge of confidence. Wonderful aspects to the Libra stellium allow us to communicate gregariously with everyone. Enjoy being the life of the party! Write about funny, optimistic, over-the-top characters today. Write about the comedian, the guru or the benevolent emperor king. The bigger, the better, is the order of the day. But write about people, not events –big, happy, overblown people with huge egos and brilliant personalities.

OCTOBER 15 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou would like to just start writing, but the Moon trine Saturn wants you to look at the underlying emotional structure of your work. Sure, you can write that action scene or that argument scene, but does it make sense emotionally? What are your characters’ underlying motivations? Even the bad guy thinks he is doing the right thing in some twisted way. Find out what impels your characters into taking action. Ask WHY today.