JULY 11 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallToday is an all-round great day to write! Moon sextile Neptune gives you a hotline between the muse and the keyboard. Venus is chatting it up with Mercury in Gemini. If you can stay off the phone today, you can use this energy for your writing. Around supper time, Moon conjuncts Pluto and you may not want to take a break to eat. You could write some juicy scenes at this time. Venus just won’t let you rest tonight until you write it all down.

JULY 10 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallVery early in the morning is a good time to write that argument scene. By noon, your characters will be making up with each other. Maybe even falling in love! Take a break this afternoon with Moon opposite Mercury. You’ll get much more work done if you come back to the writing late this evening as the Moon enters Capricorn. If you’re a night owl, you could do good work tonight!

JULY 9 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallWriting gets easier as the day progresses. Mercury, the planet of communication, is in his element, Gemini. Venus joins him there, and her beautiful words are no longer held back by Saturn. Early in the evening, Moon in Sagittarius trines Uranus in Aries. You can write some original, entertaining material. Book off early, though as harsh aspects develop later tonight.

JULY 8 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThere is a grand trine in water signs today. That means emotions. Individuality is the key word of the day, so don’t write what you think others want to hear. Write what you feel deep inside, even if it makes you sound weird. You can purge old issues from the past through your words today. Later, things get downright jolly as the Moon moves into Sagittarius. You could be writing jokes this evening!

July 7

moonclouds_smallVenus squares Chiron this morning disallowing any pretty lies. Only the brutal truth will do today. Waking up with Moon trine Neptune, your dreams may show you those truths early in the morning. Later, Moon sextile Pluto, trine Sun in Cancer allows you to build a solid emotional base to your work through telling those truths. By evening, Moon conjunct Saturn makes for uncomfortable emotions, but extremely healing and honest writing. You can definitely touch people deeply through your words today . . . if you’re brave enough to go there.

July 6

moonclouds_smallYour blog or outline will take your attention this morning. Later, when the Moon goes into Scorpio, write those mysterious scenes. This afternoon is good for writing crime stories or murder mysteries. Later, Saturn trine Sun and Chiron will favor writing deeply emotional, heavy or mysterious scenes. With Moon trine Neptune, you may be writing into the late night hours. Your best work could happen at midnight!

July 5

moonclouds_smallThe highlight this morning is on your writing foundation. With a T-square between Sun, Moon and Pluto, do some work on your blog, website or outline. You may have to defend your individual vision to someone. Venus trines the situation, so conversations will go smoothly. Later, hard aspects make you question if you were right. This evening, you realize you need to look deeper into structuring your desired vision. With a yod pointing to Saturn in Scorpio, it’s a great night for writing that sex scene!