June 30

moonclouds_smallYou want to be expressive and wildly individualistic in your writing today. Maybe even eccentric and unusual. But a developing yod between the Moon, Mars and Chiron forces you to go deeper and see where your strangeness can help others open their minds. What started as a fun writing romp, could end the day as a profound communication.

June 29

moonclouds_smallWith the Moon moving into Leo, you’ll want to show off your work today. You’ll be extra expressive and dramatic. With Sun trine Neptune, watch that you don’t outshine all sublety and fall into melodrama. Get your work done early in the day. Some hard aspects this afternoon and evening will make it harder to access the muse.

June 28

moonclouds_smallJust past the new Moon in Cancer, and with a trine to Neptune in Pisces, this is great for history writers. Whether it’s fictional or real, dive into the past in your writing today. Also, write anything to do with home and family. These aspects are great for writing about historical characters or family members from the past. How about writing a ghost story today?

June 27

moonclouds_200_astrology_writing_postsNew Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn may upset some well-laid plans today. Your characters may get a mind of their own and surprise you. They may want to do things you hadn’t planned for in your outline. Let them do it! Set them free! Write those scenes anyway. If they really don’t fit, you don’t have to use them. But you just may find that they transform a good story into a great story!

June 26

moonclouds_200_astrology_writing_postsUtilize the last day of the Moon in Gemini by continuing on with the emotional scenes you’ve been writing. Jupiter in Cancer is expanding the emotional foundation of your written work this week as it makes harmonious aspects to the stellium in communicative Gemini. The more you can give of yourself emotionally in your work this week, the better!

June 25

moonclouds_200_astrology_writing_postsToday, the Moon makes a yod with Uranus, pointing toward Saturn in Scorpio. Write that uncomfortable, deeply emotional scene that may even include some violence. Mars opposite Uranus reinforces this theme. Those scenes are hard to write at the best of times, but this IS the best of times to write them!

June 24

moonclouds_200_astrology_writing_postsThe Moon joins Venus and Mercury today in a pile-up in communicative Gemini. Tackle those emotional scenes today, the relationship scenes, where your characters need to communicate what they feel. Whether it’s a fight scene or a love scene, it will be easy to write today.

June 23

moonclouds_200_astrology_writing_postsVenus moves into Gemini today, joining Mercury in its home sign of communication. She adds beauty and value to whatever you write today. It’s a good day to reply to your valued fans, write a blog post appreciating your followers, or tackle that love scene you’ve been avoiding.