JULY 23 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallFrustrations from yesterday remain, but you see how they can serve your writing today. The depth of feeling you captured yesterday has given your writing more impact. You get a real feeling of peace as you see where recent frustrations served to make your writing better. Now you know that any problems in the outside world can make your writing stronger. That kind of peace is priceless!

JULY 22 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThe world interferes with your writing today. It could get very frustrating. Channel that frustration by writing that volatile emotional scene. With a Uranus, Moon, Saturn yod, it may not be the most comfortable writing day. Let any difficult emotions serve your writing today. Capture the feelings by writing them down. Even short, emotional notes can serve your work later if you capture them today.

JULY 21 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallMoon enters Gemini, sign of communication today. Your heart is in your writing. Watch for being overly dramatic this morning with Moon trine Jupiter in Leo. This evening, any writing concerning family or ancestry is highlighted. There may be a conflict between your feelings and your ideas. Go with the heart over the mind this evening. You can always edit later.

JULY 20 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThere is a conflict between the plot you outlined, and what your characters want to do. That conflict will be resolved by the afternoon. By evening, new issues arise between your vision of the work and the reality of it. Don’t let your emotions rule your writing today. Be practical. Work out the details with brutal honesty. You may have to edit out a scene you really loved in order to save the story.

JULY 19 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallWhether you’re writing cookbooks or love scenes, it’s all about the sensual details today. Moon in Taurus sextiles Venus in Cancer. Write the touchy-feelys today. Write about the senses. Write about the tastes, the smells, the sounds, the sights, and that tingly feeling at the back of your neck when you know someone’s watching you. Sun square Mars has been putting you on edge this week. Write about how that feels physically!

JULY 18 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallMercury, the planet of communication continues its lovely trine with Neptune, planet of dreams. Fantasy writing is especially favoured today. Moon conjunct South Node in Aries also favours historical fiction. You’ll be able to get into the heads of your fictional characters today and make them seem real. If you’re writing about a military figure from the past, the results could be stunning!

JULY 17 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallWith the Moon in Aries, you’re motivated to write today. Neptune trine Mercury gives you the creative edge. Later this evening, structural issues, such as an annoying plot problem may irritate you. Wrestling with the problem will ultimately prove fruitful. Whatever problems you tackle today will produce a rejuvenated writing project. The result will be a final manuscript you can be proud of.