JULY 8 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThere is a grand trine in water signs today. That means emotions. Individuality is the key word of the day, so don’t write what you think others want to hear. Write what you feel deep inside, even if it makes you sound weird. You can purge old issues from the past through your words today. Later, things get downright jolly as the Moon moves into Sagittarius. You could be writing jokes this evening!

July 7

moonclouds_smallVenus squares Chiron this morning disallowing any pretty lies. Only the brutal truth will do today. Waking up with Moon trine Neptune, your dreams may show you those truths early in the morning. Later, Moon sextile Pluto, trine Sun in Cancer allows you to build a solid emotional base to your work through telling those truths. By evening, Moon conjunct Saturn makes for uncomfortable emotions, but extremely healing and honest writing. You can definitely touch people deeply through your words today . . . if you’re brave enough to go there.

July 6

moonclouds_smallYour blog or outline will take your attention this morning. Later, when the Moon goes into Scorpio, write those mysterious scenes. This afternoon is good for writing crime stories or murder mysteries. Later, Saturn trine Sun and Chiron will favor writing deeply emotional, heavy or mysterious scenes. With Moon trine Neptune, you may be writing into the late night hours. Your best work could happen at midnight!

July 5

moonclouds_smallThe highlight this morning is on your writing foundation. With a T-square between Sun, Moon and Pluto, do some work on your blog, website or outline. You may have to defend your individual vision to someone. Venus trines the situation, so conversations will go smoothly. Later, hard aspects make you question if you were right. This evening, you realize you need to look deeper into structuring your desired vision. With a yod pointing to Saturn in Scorpio, it’s a great night for writing that sex scene!

July 4

moonclouds_smallMoon moves into Libra today, adding beauty and balance to any communications. Writing done before the afternoon will flow easily and come out beautifully. This is an especially good day to write romance or poetry. This afternoon Moon quincunx Neptune will cause static between you and the muse. Take a break for supper. The static only lasts a few hours. Then get back to the keyboard this evening.

July 3

moonclouds_smallMoon in Virgo deals with details today, but you need to be fast to catch them. In the morning, ideas will pop up from nowhere and if you’re not ready, you’ll miss them. Early in the afternoon, you may just give up and socialize. By evening, there’s a nice sextile between the Moon and Jupiter in Cancer. Great for comedy writers! Your words and feelings go dancing together tonight!

July 2

moonclouds_smallMercury stationed yesterday and is now moving fully direct. This helps words flow. Yet with Venus square Moon and Neptune, don’t try to polish your words today. Instead, just write anything! Positive aspects favor taking a practical approach today. Just get your bum in the seat, and crank out the word count. You’ll find that what you write today will come out better the less you think about it. Just type!