OCTOBER 31 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou’ll really be able to separate the wheat from the chaff in your writing today. You’ll know immediately what’s a good idea and what’s not. You’ll be able to find the exact words, the best phrasing and where it should all go in the overall structure. And that’s all before noon! You have the real potential today to transform your work and take it to the next level. Book off early, though, and get to that Halloween party. This evening is better for mingling with people than it is for writing.

OCTOBER 30 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou’ll probably wake up early, eager to get to work and bursting with new ideas. The Moon enters Aquarius and quintiles Saturn, enhancing your ability to concentrate and capture those ideas. Later today, the Moon squares Sun/Venus and the spotlight is on writing that deals with new concepts of self-worth. Venus has been combust (close to the Sun) highlighting restrictions of sensuality, money, beauty and peace. We can write about these restrictions in forms such as self-help writing, drama, art reviews, economic reports and anything dealing with war or difficult personal relationships.

OCTOBER 29 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou’re going to want to avoid the deep emotions in your writing today. Don’t. You need them. You might even be able to avoid the deeper issues for a while, but not for long. After the Moon passes deep Pluto in responsible Capricorn, it quintiles Sun/Venus in Scorpio. Relationship issues must be faced. Go deep and go serious, or go home. If you are brave, and do your work, digging into your characters’ uncomfortable emotions, Saturn will reward you right after dinner with a feeling of great confidence in your writing.

OCTOBER 28 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThis morning will be so peaceful, you may want to sleep in. If you can take the time, lie back and imagine scenes or concepts for your project. In fact, you may get more work done by lying in bed than by forcing yourself to work to a schedule. We’re not talking about idle sleeping here. We’re talking about using active imagination to enhance and further your written work. This evening, jot down the ideas that stick. They could be quite profound. The Moon conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn tonight, transforming our work.

OCTOBER 27 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallIt’s another good writing day with the Moon in Sagittarius, the sign of publishing. It also makes a harmonious aspect with Mercury in Libra, the planet of communication in the sign of relationships (of all kinds). And, as if that wasn’t enough, we have a grand trine in fire with Jupiter in Leo expanding the drama and the South Node in Aries giving us new beginnings based on where we’ve already been. This means great aspects for historic fiction, documentaries and memoirs, to name a few. Any writing based on tapping into the past, especially if it brings up secrets, will go very well today.

OCTOBER 26 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallRoll up your sleeves. Mars marches into Capricorn and it’s time to get down to work. But writing will feel easy today with the Moon in Sagittarius. We have some deep, expansive ideas as Sun/Venus in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces and quintiles Jupiter in Leo. History writers have been able to write dramatic scenes from the past for the last week or so. That influence will last until Halloween. Make the most of it!

OCTOBER 25 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallWe took a great leap forward with our projects yesterday, diving right into the deep end. Today, we need to keep up the momentum. This morning, we feel overwhelmed with all the new information coming at us. But Mercury turns direct this afternoon, giving us the impetus to keep going. A Moon/Saturn conjunction galvanizes our concentration and Ceres in Sagittarius gives us the power to find the right words. A late evening Sun/Venus trine Neptune makes sweet dreams going into tomorrow. It’s a great writing night if you can stay awake that long.

OCTOBER 24 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallMercury’s last retrograde day sees us taking one last look at the outline we have built as our foundation for moving forward with our writing. By late afternoon, everything should be in place. Now is the time to start actually writing new material. Later today, we will be able to tap into the collective unconscious and pull up brand new ideas or ways of saying things that have never been written before. Don’t think too much, though. Let the ideas filter up into your consciousness like dreams or bubbles from the deep.