NOVEMBER 7 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThe use of language has the potential to communicate great beauty today. We have the ability to sway people with metaphors that link the mundane with the sublime. Avoid being too direct today. Say what you have to, but say it with finesse and style. Poetry will speak louder than bald statements. As the Moon moves into Gemini tonight quintiling Mars in Capricorn, don’t write new material. Focus on the words you wrote earlier. Perfect them. Make them sing.

NOVEMBER 6 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThis morning, look around at the place you write. Is there a way to fix it up that would make it more conducive to the creative process? What about your chair? Do you need a new one? Or your keyboard. And how’s the lighting? Do you need to tidy your desk? Or rearrange the room to a better feng shui? Around noon, the Full Moon in Taurus trine Neptune/Chiron in Pisces makes us lean back and contemplate the big picture. Hopefully, you’ll be contemplating in new, nicer surroundings.

NOVEMBER 5 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallIt’s not the best day to rely on your feelings. They could be over-the-top today. Calm thought, backed up with concrete action will serve you better. Today, why not work on that outline, plot structure or premise, or do some editing? Late this afternoon and into this evening, the Moon enters Taurus and your feelings become more reliable. Tonight, you can be very practical and down-to-earth in realistically evaluating your writing.

NOVEMBER 4 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThe Moon conjuncts Uranus in Aries this morning. You’ll feel an emotional urge to forge ahead and get some writing done. However, it may not be that easy with difficult aspects to the Sun, Venus and Pluto. Strong forces are pushing you to deal with personal emotional issues. How can you bring those issues into your writing? Instead of trying to ignore difficult feelings, why not USE them to make your work better? But to use them, you’ll have to face them and feel them.

NOVEMBER 3 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallEverything is dreamy and nebulous before noon. You may get a few housekeeping issues done, but not much more. The Moon goes into Aries after lunch giving you an urge to get something accomplished. There’s a tug of war all day between buckling down to write and sitting back and daydreaming. Neither one has the upper hand. The best solution today will be to take it hour by hour. Write when the urge hits, then sit back for a while and dream. You’ll get more work done by honoring both.

NOVEMBER 2 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThis is an extremely harmonious morning when we can write or read about world-transforming ideas that will benefit everyone. With Uranus in Aries quincunx Venus in Scorpio, the old “every-man-for-himself” attitude will not work. Your novel’s hero will not be believable if he is acting too macho. She won’t be a sympathetic heroine if she only thinks of herself. Today, find out where your hero cares about others. Her “big win” at the end will be more powerful if she can bring others along with her into victory. Ideas of the world community will inspire you far into the night.

NOVEMBER 1 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou could write “War and Peace” today. No, you’re not going to write that MUCH. But there’s a strange mixture of peaceful Mercury in Libra and aggressive Mars in Capricorn. We will be building and tearing down at the same time. This is a day to work on structures, not details. Take a fresh look at your plot. Could it be a trilogy instead of a standalone book? Plotlines take a strange turn, outlines are rewritten, and stories grow into sagas today.