AUGUST 17 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallMercury in Virgo gives us the ability to write anything today, but we’ll be drawn to deeper, emotional topics. Ceres in Scorpio trine Neptune gives us easy access to these deep emotional waters. With Mars sextile Pluto, what we write today can force us to make big changes in the overall structure of the work. This evening, as the Moon moves into Gemini, words will flow out of us easily. Maybe too easily! We’ll definitely have to edit them later.

AUGUST 16 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallIf you have a sex scene in your story, or any physically intimate or passionate scene, write it today. This is the day to write the murder scene, the accident scene, the fight scene. Later, as Mercury sextiles Ceres, you could also write the hospital scene, the bandaging scene, or the shamanic healer scene. You can put your characters through physical intensity today, but, by the end of the day, you will be healing them.

AUGUST 15 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallYou’ll be fired up to write very early this morning. This is the day you can add all the tiny details you may have left out. It is a perfect day for editing. You’ll be tired of all the emotional depths you’ve been writing about, and you’re ready to concentrate on the minutiae. Go over old scenes and paint in the decorative scenic items you may have missed. It’s a great day to describe the physical surroundings or your characters’ appearance. Or try giving one of your characters a small, but meaningful gesture that would add depth to the scene.

AUGUST 14 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallWrite scenes where your characters are frustrated today. They are irritated, but don’t know why. They are anxious, but can’t put their finger on the exact cause. These are the pacing-around-the-room-with-worry scenes. The scratching-their-head-trying-to-fit-the-puzzle-together scenes. Don’t let them solve the problem too quickly. Let them stew awhile. Later, a detail from the past could be the key that fixes everything.

AUGUST 13 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallYou can pick up where you left off yesterday with that romance scene. The emotions get feisty and passionate as the Moon enters Aries. Maybe a lover’s spat? With Moon trine Jupiter, your characters are heating up. They may fall into a passionate embrace. They may just as easily get angry, stomp out of the room, and slam the door behind them. Either way, today’s writing waters will be at an emotional full boil.

AUGUST 12 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallToday we’re channelling information from the past. You may come across historical details that spark your interest and add flavor to your writing. If you write ghost stories, historical novels or period pieces of any kind, new details can come to light. As Venus enters Leo later today trining Ceres in Scorpio, write that love scene and don’t hold back on the romance!

AUGUST 11 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallThis morning you will be sensitive to your characters’ emotions. Moon trine Ceres supports writing about emotional healing. As the Moon moves into Pisces, human compassion becomes the mainstay of today’s writing. If you know you will need a scene of intimate communication, today is the day to write it. This evening, the writing we have done today forces changes in the plot. Adjust your outline accordingly.

AUGUST 10 ~ daily astrology for writers ~ Writing With The Stars

moonclouds_smallIt’s a Supermoon in Aquarius today. We have sudden, unusual ideas about rescuing our characters from their dramatic quagmire. Yet, it may get worse before it gets better. Don’t despair if you think you’re just digging your characters into a deeper hole. By the afternoon, a ‘mystic rectangle’ with Mercury saves the day, and everything emerges into harmony and balance. You may not know exactly what you did right, but the result will be better than if you had planned it.