JANUARY 29 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallWe may find it hard to concentrate on one thing today as emotions have us flitting from one thing to another. We’re still going in the right general direction, but we walk a zigzag path to our goal. Consider yourself a pinball today, and just ricochet off the ideas as they fling you hither and thither. The most unlikely item that jumps out at you will somehow turn out to be the missing piece to the puzzle. Jot down any ideas you have today, because they’ll be wild and wonderful and moving fast!

JANUARY 28 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou have great ideas about the structure of your writing project, but are having difficulty actually putting it all into practice. Lately, you’ve felt as though you’re swimming through jelly trying to get things accomplished. You have the vision, just not the forward motion. New issues may also have come out of left field and knocked you off course. A stellium in Pisces is making everything seem nebulous and unfocused. Yet at the same time, the structure is taking shape, at least in your mind. This is a long term process of restructuring that will bear fruit in mid February. Just keep plodding ahead, absorbing all the new ideas as they occur.

JANUARY 27 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallYou may feel as though you’ve lost your direction and don’t know which way to go with your writing. You’ll have lots of ideas and the imagination is working fine, but you can’t see the big picture. The secret for today is to just write. Things you write today will become useful later on. Beneath the surface, your project is being transformed, but you can’t see that pattern yet. It’s a day to just have faith in the writing process and believe that it is all leading somewhere wonderful. After supper, you get hints of the pattern, and a glimpse of where this is all leading.

JANUARY 26 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallEarly this morning, quintiles to Mercury align your ideas, your concentration and your drive. Much can be accomplished. Not only that, but the words will come out with great beauty as well. As the Moon enters Taurus, the artistry of your words will be enhanced even more. This is a day for poets to shine. Dip your cup into the still pool, and lift out the perfect words with ease. Whatever you write today will have a healing effect on people. You may stray far away from your current project today, but the journey will be fruitful.

JANUARY 25 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallDespite a high level of commitment to your writing project, interferences can occur today that throw you off track. Friends, groups and others can distract you from getting the words written down. After lunch, things become slightly easier, as a trine to Jupiter allows some forward movement. But don’t expect too much of yourself today. You will be swimming against the tide. It would be better to take a few deep breaths, relax, and just tread water today.

JANUARY 24 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallIf you have a scene that involves irritation, argument, debate, or any heated intellectual exchange, write it before noon. Later, you have great ability to concentrate. This is a day when you can really get into the flow of your writing. You can enter that trance state where ideas pop up out of nowhere, and the fingers fly across the keyboard just trying to keep up. The only problem you may have today is overworking. Your pen will run out of ink, your pencil will need sharpening often, and your keyboard will take a real pounding!

JANUARY 23 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallToday is all about looking over old issues with a new eye. As much as we would like to just forge ahead and leave the past in the past, we can’t. The best drama written today will be about bringing old issues up to be looked at in a new light. Don’t try to expand your work too much. Instead, go back and look over old material, and see what can be used in a fresh way. What have you overlooked? How can you update that old draft? What tasty morsels lie hidden in an old archive file you’ve forgotten about? This retrieval process will last through early March, so there’s no hurry.

JANUARY 22 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThere’s been quite a bit of action with writers’ groups this month, and that will continue. Sun sextile Saturn enhances the connection to writerly friends and associations. As the Moon enters Pisces and sextiles Ceres, these associations can be very nurturing and supportive of your dreams. You’ll find this week, that your literary associations are a net benefit, even though they may sometimes interfere with your work. Tonight, your recent writing will gel into a pattern, you’ll see the big picture, and you’ll re-commit to it.