DECEMBER 26 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallIt’s a dreamy morning with Moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune, but we can still get some writing done. The stellium in Capricorn allows us to dream practical dreams and make them real. Fantasy writers have a great day going on long journeys in their heads. Mercury biquintile Jupiter in Leo spells dramatic quests and heroic deeds. The only problem will be staying within your plot outline as your characters have minds of their own. Today, don’t constrain them. Let your adventurers go free, and see where they lead you. You could write on into the wee hours tonight.

DECEMBER 25 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallWith the Moon in Aquarius opposite Jupiter in Leo this morning, our emotions could be on edge and big egos could clash. The best remedies are humor and taking a broader view. Anyone writing sarcastic, biting humor about humanity’s foibles would be right on target today. Old traditions could be skewered and hypocritical attitudes could be exposed. The potential for intergenerational conflict is high tonight. You’d be better off writing about it rather than participating in it.

DECEMBER 24 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThere are wild, revolutionary urges and emotions, but they are being held back by practical, down-to-earth concerns. You may want to go it alone, but you are forced to deal with others, and the collective. This feels restrictive to your writing in the morning, but after lunch, there’s a change of heart. You realize that paying attention to the concerns of others can actually help your writing. Instead of raging against interruptions today, look to see what morsels of information or inspiration you can glean from your interactions with others. Maybe a conversation you overhear will give you the exact tone for characters in your novel. Or maybe a discussion with your brother-in-law will give you new ideas for your article. Watch out for conflicts between commitment and freedom tonight.

DECEMBER 23 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThere’s an urge to write about our more unusual and forward-thinking ideas today. With Sun trine Lilith in Virgo, these could be new ideas about health and healthcare systems. Healing methods that may have seemed too unorthodox may come to light now. Mars trine North Node in Libra and Uranus semisextile Chiron spells music therapy. Journalists may want to write articles about treating certain conditions with sound therapy or music therapy. As the Moon moves into Aquarius and sextiles Saturn (now in Sagittarius), the focus is on breaking away from old ways of looking at emotional health. Fiction writers may want to bring music or other new emotional healing methods into their stories.

DECEMBER 22 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallWhile the Sun and Moon move into Capricorn, we want to work, yet don’t seem to be able to make much progress. Saturn is still holding us back in Scorpio for another day before it sets us free in Sagittarius. The best you can do today is to remain committed to your project, and know that this strain is just temporary. Try to feel how your writing will affect others, and gain strength from knowing that you’ve been doing the best you can. The waters have broken, and we’re in the birth canal. It’s a little tough going today, but by noon tomorrow, it will be like a brand new life!

DECEMBER 21 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallIt’s a HUGE day today! A New Moon at zero degrees Capricorn brings our writing hopes down to earth and makes them real. Uranus stations before turning direct, charging its batteries for a coming jolt of energy that will allow us to leap any remaining hurdles. Add to that the solstice, and Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio, and it’s like a birth just before the waters break. This is the beginning of a whole new era in your writing life. This is the real New Year. So celebrate!

DECEMBER 20 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallThe optimism from yesterday is still growing, but it’s an optimism tempered by reality. Ceres in Sagittarius trine Jupiter in Leo allows us to nurture our dramatic expressions. The long retrograde of Jupiter until early April gives us the time and space to go over old material or old projects and polish them until they shine. We can get inklings today of ideas from out of the blue that just seem to fit and enhance our work. Tonight we’ll feel extremely motivated and ready to get down to some real, enjoyable writing as the stellium moves into Capricorn through January.

DECEMBER 19 ~ Writing With The Stars ~ daily astrology for writers

moonclouds_smallAs the Moon approaches conjunction with Pallas and Saturn, we get a real sense of direction. Optimism about our writing builds throughout the day. These are the last few days of Saturn in Scorpio, so the intensity of the last two years will lighten up by Tuesday. Saturn has forced us to look at the deep structure of our writing, such as plotting and outlining and character development and online marketing systems. It has been a hard taskmaster. Soon, we will be able to go free again, and write from our hearts. Yet, now we know we have a firm foundation beneath our feet from which we can leap into flights of fancy without missing the mark.